Discover the Power of HandySaw DS: Automatic Optical Video Scene Detection at its Finest

Experience the new standard in video editing with HandySaw DS. Designed to be a quick and useful tool for professionals working with nonlinear editing software, HandySaw DS revolutionizes the way you handle your source material.

Traditionally, working with large source files can be cumbersome and time-consuming. That's where HandySaw DS steps in, providing a fast and efficient solution. Instead of managing a single, lengthy clip, you can now effortlessly transform it into a collection of distinct "scenes," each encapsulating a specific moment from start to finish.

With HandySaw DS, you'll discover a new level of precision and convenience in video scene detection. Whether you opt for our cutting-edge optical detection method or rely on the accurate date of shooting, this tool empowers you to make swift decisions and streamline your editing process like never before. Additionally, the included Manual Trimmer offers you the ability to meticulously verify and fine-tune your scenes, providing an extra layer of control over your video content.



Video scene detection

Main window of HandySaw DS- video scene detection software. Click to see large pictureHandySaw DS offers two methods of automatic scene detection in the videofile:

  1. Optical scene detection: This method analyzes the video content, detects scene changes, and divides the initial video into separate scenes. It operates solely based on video stream data, without requiring timecodes or additional information. While 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed, the average detection rate is remarkably high. The program can even identify very dark and very light frames as separate scenes.
  2. Date of shooting: Cameras conforming to the DV standard save time and date information for each video frame during recording. When transferred to a computer via a digital FireWire interface, this data is stored in the video file. HandySaw DS can utilize this information for precise scene detection with 100% accuracy, provided there is no corruption in the initial video.

Supports many video formats

Due to use MS DirectShow API HandySaw DS is capable to process a large number of video formats - AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc. Basically it can process any videofile for which there are corresponding DirectShow filters.

Works in YUV or RGB color space

Scene detector can work in YUV or RGB color space. The user can choose.

Many formats of presentation of result of splitting

HandySaw DS offers a wide range of various ways to represent the information from splitting into scenes:

  • Copying of each scene in a separate file using internal routines
  • Copying each scene in a separate file by ffmpeg software
  • Copying each scene in a separate file by VirtualDub software
  • Final Cut XML
  • Libraries in format PLB and PSQ for Adobe Premiere
  • EDL file for Sony Vegas
  • CMX3600 EDL
  • EDL file for EDUIS
  • Edition list in the HTML format
  • In addition, it is possible to create a new type of result, having written a plug-in for HandySaw...

Support of plug-ins of result generation

HandySaw DS supports plug-ins of generation of the result, written on script languages (for example JavaScript, VBScript). If you wish to receive result of splitting in a special kind, you can create a new plug-in which will meet your requirements.
In corresponding section of the help there is a full information for the developer of plug-ins.

The powerful tool for manual editing - Manual Trimmer

In addition to automatic partitioning there is Manual Trimmer tool which allows you:

  • To check up a correctness of automatic partitioning on scenes.
  • To delete unnecessary scenes.
  • Precisely to cut off any scene.
  • To splice two scenes.
  • To divide a scene in the defined place on two.
  • To give names to scenes.
  • To enter comments to scenes.
  • To place the unnumbered markers which will be accessible in Adobe Premiere.
  • At any moment to save the current information in HSQ the file.
  • To convenience of the user mechanism Hold/Fetch and 99 levels Undo/Redo are accessible.

Thus, automatic partitioning on scenes in a combination with Manual Trimmer allows fast and convenient to prepare the initial material for editing in the videoeditor

Copying of each scene into separate WMV file without recompression

If the source video is a WMV file, HandySaw DS can save each found scene into separate WMV file without recompression.

Copying of each scene into separate AVI file with recompression

You can save each scene in separate AVI file and at the same time video and audio can be recompressed by the codecs chosen by you.

Copying each scene into separate MOV file without recompression

You can save each scene from QuickTime source to separate MOV file without recompression.

Copying each scene into separate file of the same format with or without recompression using FFmpeg software

HandySaw can copy each scene in separate file of the same format without recompression using FFmpeg software. Also it can recompress media to another format. It is possible for almost any video file format.

Batch mode processing

You can set the list of files for processing and HandySaw DS will process all of them by turns.

Support of a command line interface

The powerful command line interface allows to organize any scenario of use of HandySaw DS.

Creation and printing of reports on splitting

You can create the report on splitting a videofile, print out it on the printer or save in sequence of BMP files by means of tool Clip Sheet.

Possibility of easy localization of the program

Because all the significant symbolical strings, used in the interface of the program, are in a separate text file, to translate the program to other language is rather simply. Initially there are an English and Russian language packages.



HandySaw DS can generate these types of result:

  • Split (separate files) - in this case, HandySaw DS copies each retrieved scene into a separate media file. Depending on the settings, copying may be done with or without media transcoding. If the "Create Subfolder" option is selected, a subdirectory named "Filename.Scenes" will be created and all scenes will be saved in it. If the source video and the result are located on the same disk, resulting audio files will be saved in the audio drive indicated in the Preferences in the appropriate directory. If the source and output disks are different, audio is saved near the video.
  • Simple List - the result is a text file that lists the frame numbers of the beginning and end of the scenes. Each scene is in a separate line.
  • Compatible PLB - HandySaw DS creates an Adobe Premiere Library (.PLB) file where each retrieved scene corresponds to one clip referring to the initial video file. In addition, there is a clip containing all the initial video. This clip may contain unnumbered markers that mark the start of each scene. In Adobe Premiere (version 5 and above), it is possible to simply open the .PLB file and import it into the project. For Adobe Premiere 6 and above, use PSQ 6 instead. The file format is compatible with Adobe Premiere as much as possible.
  • Usage PLB - with this option, a PLB file is created that is similar to the Compatible PLB option but has some differences. In the project window in the "Usage" column, there is a correct value of how many times this clip was located on the timeline. In the Compatible PLB, all this statistics is displayed only for the last, complete clip referring to all video. However, the Project Trimming function does not work correctly with Usage PLB. It is impossible to use it. For Adobe Premiere 6 and above, use PSQ 6 instead.
  • AP 5 PSQ - a PSQ file, Adobe Premiere Sequence in Adobe Premiere 5 format, is created.
  • AP 6 PSQ - a PSQ file, Adobe Premiere Sequence in Adobe Premiere 6 format that can contain user comments, is created. PSQ 6 files can be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Vegas EDL - a text file in EDL format that can be opened in Sony Vegas program is created.

Additionally, any result generation plug-ins installed in your system will be listed. The standard package includes the following:

  • Final Cut XML.js - a FinalCut XML file that describes the sequence with the input file split into clips by scenes. It also contains scene comments and markers. Many editing systems now support Final Cut XML format importing.
  • CMX3600 EDL.js - file of EDL CMX3600 format is created. It is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Edius EDL.js - EDL format file compatible with Canopus Edius is created
  • HTML EDL.js - the edit list in HTML format is created
  • Split by VirtualDub.js - the script .SYL for VirtualDub is created. During the execution of the created script, VirtualDub copies each scene of the source AVI file into a separate AVI file without recompression.



Manual Trimmer window of HandySaw DS - video scene detection software. Click to see large picture

HandySaw DS includes the powerful tool for manual video trimming - Manual Trimmer. It allows:

  • To view the initial video.
  • To check the correctness of automatic video scene detection.
  • To delete unnecessary scenes.
  • To precisely trim any scene. There is a powerful trim block.
  • To splice two scenes.
  • To divide a scene in the defined place on two.
  • To give names to scenes.
  • To enter comments to scenes.
  • To place unnumbered markers which will be accessible in Adobe Premiere.
  • At any moment to save the current information in HSQ the file.

Manual Trimmer also offers:

  • Mechanism Hold/Fetch and 99 levels Undo/Redo for convenience of the user.
  • Convenient display of various values of duration and position.
  • Adjusted appearance of the list of scenes.
  • Accelerated / slow motion of video forwards and backwards.
  • The advanced support of adjusted shortcuts.
  • Displaying of time in frames, SMPTE timecode and 30fps Drop-Frame timecode.

With Manual Trimmer, you have the ability to meticulously verify the scene detection, ensuring that each clip is precisely tailored to your needs. This feature provides an extra layer of control, allowing you to fine-tune your video content with unparalleled accuracy.



First x64 version of HandySaw DS

Finally HandySaw is able to use all of your computer's RAM. From now there are two versions of HandySaw available: x86 and x64

Add support for HighDPI displays

Now images and text looks good at any DPI scale settings, not only at default 100%



In order to use HandySaw DS the following conditions are necessary:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Intel Pentium CPU or above
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above
  • Windows Media Format Runtime (to operate with WMV files)



Version 4.7

  • First x64 version of HandySaw DS
  • Added support for HighDPI displays
  • Improved DInfo creation and failure logging when the server is not registered
  • Updated DGrabber.dll
  • Replaced script execution with our own IScriptRun implementation that uses the IActiveScript interface family natively, without IScriptControl. As a result, MS Script Control is no longer needed
  • Added a 'On hybrid CPUs use only P-cores' parameter
  • Added global priority setting propagation to the ffmpeg process
  • Fixed a black flash at video playback start in the Trimmer
  • Fixed a 'COM is in use' alert message that appeared when uninstalling the application

Version 4.6

  • Trimmer user interface has been improved, it has become much more responsive
  • Now preview images in scene list can be freely resized
  • Thumbnail extraction engine has been improved
  • Scene redetection tool has been extended by adding settings for scene trimming and merging
  • Scene redetection tool window now also is resizable
  • Properties FrameType, AspectX, AspectY and IsExtInfoValid added to SDK
  • Final Cut XML.js plg-in has been updated to version 1.80: format compatibility has been improved by using of new properties of SDK
  • HSQ files format has been changed, now version 4
  • Shell context menu item now added to .MXF too
  • ffmpeg и lavfilters have been updated
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes

Version 4.5

  • Ability to finely configure a process of selection of DirectShow filters for use by application was added
  • LAV Filters included in installation package and used without installation in system
  • Thumbnail extraction engine reworked and improved
  • DirectShow splitting engine totally refactored
  • Debug logging system optimized
  • Processing of video when frame width is not multiple of 8 fixed
  • "Final Cut XML.js" plug-in updated to be compatible with Adobe CC
  • "Export scenes with markers to files" command added to Trimmer
  • Compatibility with LAV filters improved
  • Export To File from Manual Trimmer now processes all marked scenes
  • Wavdest DirectShow filter now included and used when necessary without installation in system
  • Added FFmpeg Splitting Engine profile that copies media starting from nearest previous video keyframe
  • All Split engines now save scene name and comment to file as metadata
  • Scene name and comment now saved in file during Export To File from Manual Trimmer
  • Compatibility with 3rd party DirectShow filters improved
  • FFmpeg updated
  • Vertical scaling in scenes redetection dialog of Manual Trimmer added
  • Taskbar progress indication in Windows 7 added
  • Manual Trimmer video playback engine improved
  • Minor fix in frame-timecode conversion routines
  • Numerous minor improvements and fixes

Version 4.4

  • QuickTime splitting engine added

Version 4.3

  • FFmpeg splitting engine added
  • "Split by ffmpeg.js" plug-in removed
  • Mpegcut.dll usage removed
  • Self-tuning added to thumbnails retrieving and Manual Trimmer positioning routines
  • Scene margins support added to Split result
  • SaveToTextFile method added to SDK
  • Lang property added to SDK
  • When HSQ file loaded and media file is missed user asked about new file location
  • Cut list import in Manual Trimmer added
  • Now comments are appending instead of assigning in Manual Trimmer
  • Debug capabilities extended
  • Online new version checking added
  • Max value of scene trimming increased to 999
  • Interface font changed to TrueType "Microsoft Sans Serif"
  • "Break in timestamps enough for new scene start" parameter added
  • RGB to YUV conversion internal routine added
  • YUV colorspace now is default
  • Several minor improvements

Version 4.2

  • Windows Vista compatibility improved
  • Several scene naming templates added
  • Several user interface design changes
  • "Split by VirtualDub.js" plug-in improved
  • "Split by ffmpeg.js" plug-in improved

Version 4.1

  • Now plug-ins can have adjustable by user parameters
  • Thumbnails retrieving routines rewritten
  • Some core routines rewritten

Version 4.01

  • Saving of each scene of a WMV file in separate WMV a file without recompression is added
  • You can choose how many thumbnails per scene Manual Trimmer shows in scenes list
  • Several bugs was fixed
  • Bugs tracking system is added

Version 4

  • Support of plug-ins of generation of result is added
  • Recognition of "black" and "white" scenes is added
  • Scene detector can work in YUV color space
  • Work with MPEG2 files is improved
  • Choice of codecs for video and audio recompression
  • Saving of each scene of a MPEG file in separate MPEG a file without recompression
  • Adjustments of parameters of creation of AVI files are added
  • Fine adjustments of parameters of MPEG files reading are added
  • New tool - MPEG Filter Test
  • The choice of the renderer filter is added
  • Multilanguage support is added
  • Procedure of video processing actions choice is changed
  • Interface of Manual Trimmer is slightly changed
  • The out-of-date control elements are removed
  • The global menu in Manual Trimmer is added
  • The type of result Vegas EDL is compatible with Vegas version 5
  • New parameters of a command line are added
  • Manual Trimmer is optimized

Version 3.21

  • The new type of result - Vegas EDL is added
  • If video contains the information on time of shooting it is displayed in Manual Trimmer
  • In the processing log-file the method of scene detection for each processed file is displayed
  • The bug, resulting to that sometimes video was recognized optically even if there was an information on time of shooting in the file, is corrected

Version 3.2

  • The report generator - Clip Sheet is added
  • The mechanism of optical redetection of scenes is added
  • Scene naming templates are added
  • Possibility to process video of the Windows Media format
  • The format of HSQ files is changed - now version 2
  • Possibility to speed up optical recognition of files of some formats at the expense of usage of video of the reduced quality is added

Version 3.1

  • The algorithm of ignoring of flashlights is added
  • Search of scenes on time of shooting is added

Version 3

  • Manual editing of scenes - Manual Trimmer tool
  • In Split mode the information about timecode of initial video is saved
  • The type of result - PSQ 5
  • The type of result - PSQ 6
  • Own HSQ file format

Version 2.02

  • Two errors in the mechanism of copying AVI of files in Split mode are corrected. In rare cases they resulted to that resulting files could not be played back.

Version 2

  • Usage of Microsoft DirectShow API and consequently abbreviation DS has been added to a program name
  • The support of AVI Type 2 — files more than 1 Gigabyte
  • DV files support
  • One algorithm for optical recognition of the scenes with an adjusted threshold of sensitivity
  • Batch operation
  • Two kinds of PLB files can be created — Compatible PLB and Usage PLB
  • New kind of result — Simple List
  • The advanced command line mode
  • Correct recognition of audio in separate WAV file
  • Correct processing of dropped frames
  • Limitation of minimum length of the retrieved scenes
  • The date of creation of a source file is assigned to files created in the Split mode
  • "Quiet mode" - the dialogues with error messages are not output
  • The process can set priority of execution
  • Possibility of recording of processing errors in the log-file
  • Possibility of recording of processing results in the log-file
  • Integration with Windows explorer
  • Detailed realtime statistics during execution
  • Installer/uninstaller

Version 1.2b

  • The structure of created .PBL file was considerably perfected. Now project, created with the HandySaw use, can be trimmed (Utilites/Project Trimmer).
  • The correct recognition of any values of "Frames Per Second" of a source video was added.
  • The possibility to discard adjusted quantity of last frames of each scene was added.
  • The indexing of the scenes now is carried on in decimal format instead of in hexadecimal.
  • Generated .PLB files are compatible with Adobe Premiere 6 now. It is recommended to import them to the project via File\Import\File.

Version 1.1b2

  • Small bug of audio disappearing in long source splitting was fixed.

Version 1.1b

  • The opportunity to save each found scene in separate AVI file was added. Now HandySaw can be used with any videoediting system, not only Adobe Premiere 5.*.

Version 1.0b3

  • NTSC 30fps and 29.97fps support was added.

Version 1.0b2

  • The improved algorithm of recognition was added. Percent of the detected cuts was rather increased.
  • The DV mode was added. Very slow. It is sensitive to any distortions of a picture, accepts them for cuts. The sole mode, which can be used in DV-systems.
  • In the main window of the program the information on an amount of the detected cuts, elapsed time and scan speed was added.
  • The name of a source file can be set with the "Drag'n'Drop" from Windows Explorer and as program argument at start.

Version 1.0b

  • First issued version of the program. One base algorithm of scene recognition was realized.



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