Davis Software Downloads


Demo version. English help is included.

Note: By purchasing a license and entering the provided key, the program seamlessly transitions from demo mode to full functionality without requiring reinstallation.


Beta version with all new first introduced features. Could contain bugs.

Version BetaInstallHandySawDS.Beta.4.6_x64.zip


Russian help and interface translation for HandySaw DS.

Version 4.7InstallLanguagePack.4.7.RU.zip


Protects computer from pen drive viruses.



Romanian Language Pack for Flash Guard (by Alex Girlea).



Convenient freeware video converter.



Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime

Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime files. HandySaw DS uses it to operate with WMV files.

Version 9wmfdist.exe.zip


Version 1Vegas425EDL.zip


Version 1.2PSQCombiner.zip


Version 1.5MJPGSwapper.zip


Version 1.2FitCloser.zip


Version 1.2XLS2PSQ.zip


Version 1mtxodml.zip


Virtual Dub jobs generator.

Version 1.3VDJobGen.zip