Title Status Comment
HandySaw DS Commercial Powerful optical video scene detection tool. Detects scenes in source clip and create resulting scenes list in various formats. Buy Online now!
Vegas 4 To 5 EDL Converter Freeware This little tool can convert EDL files, generated by HandySaw DS 3.21, from Vegas 4 to Vegas 5 file format.
HSDS PSQ Combiner Freeware HSDS PSQ Combiner can combine several PSQ files created by HandySaw DS into one PSQ.
SceneDetector COM Object Commercial SceneDetector is a powerful COM component for scene recognition and scene processing.
It incorporates award-winning HandySaw DS technologies for extremely accurate and fast optical scene recognition.
Flash Guard Freeware Flash Guard can block any virus from USB flash drives
Davis Transcoder Freeware Useful GUI frontend for FFmpeg
MJPG Hot Swapper Freeware This utility can substitute anyone other software MJPEG codec for slow Miro Motion JPEG Codec. And this alternate codec does not prevent Miro Hardware MJPEG codec operation. Thus Adobe Premiere allows to output a video using Pinnacle Miro Instant technology. On modern computers the productivity of the standard Miro Software Codec is some times lower, than of alternate codecs. MJPG Hot Swapper allows to take advantage of this possibility to increase productivity of Your operation.
By the way it can substitute any other codec not only MJPG!
Fit Closer Freeware This program waits for Adobe Premiere "A frame of the movie did not fit within current data rate" dialog and presses OK button in it.
Very convenient to use with MJPG Hot Swapper
mtxodml Switcher Freeware Converts AVI files between Open DML compliant and Matrox style formats