HandySaw DS purchase information



There are two ways to pay for HandySaw DS license:

  1. Online via FastSpring. It accepts many methods of payment: credit cards, PayPal, etc.
    Please folow  this link  to process online.
  2. Offline via bank wire transfer. Price is USD 66.95 per license. E-mail to for details.


Each license allows one person to install the application on any number of computers as long as it is used by only one person at any one time. I.e., one person can use the application on a desktop computer and on a laptop.

If 5 people run HandySaw DS at the same time on 10 systems(desktop/laptop), 5 licenses would be needed.

When application runs unattended, for example, from a script using command line arguments for processing and exiting, then a separate license is required for each simultaneously running instance of HandySaw DS. Therefore, to install HandySaw DS on 2 servers and simultaneously run up to 3 automatic HandySaw DS processes on each of them, 6 licenses are required.