Архив новостей

New 4.4 version of HandySaw DS is ready!
QuickTime splitting engine added.
HandySaw DS 4.3 released today!
There are quite a lot of changes:
  • FFmpeg splitting engine added
  • "Split by ffmpeg.js" plug-in removed
  • Mpegcut.dll usage removed
  • Self-tuning added to thumbnails retrieving and Manual Trimmer positioning routines
  • Scene margins support added to Split result
  • SaveToTextFile method added to SDK
  • Lang property added to SDK
  • When HSQ file loaded and media file is missed user asked about new file location
  • Cut list import in Manual Trimmer added
  • Now comments are appending instead of assigning in Manual Trimmer
  • Debug capabilities extended
  • Online new version checking added
  • Max value of scene trimming increased to 999
  • Interface font changed to TrueType "Microsoft Sans Serif"
  • "Break in timestamps enough for new scene start" parameter added
  • RGB to YUV conversion internal routine added
  • YUV colorspace now is default
  • Several minor improvements
I've created new plug-in for HandySaw DS - "Final Cut XML.js". You may get it in downloads section.
The plug-in creates FinalCut XML file that describes sequence with input file splitted on clips by scenes. It also contains scene comments and markers.
Many editing systems now supports Final Cut XML format importing so I guess it may be useful.
Flash Guard is here.
Now administrator can more flexible set up user rights.
25/May/2009 version of Flash Guard is ready.
Now almost all controls are disabled in locked mode.
HandySaw DS is updated to
Minor performance improvements.
New version of Flash Guard is ready.
  • tray icon bug fixed
  • logging added
  • administrator now can apply restrictions
  • license text included
HandySaw DS 4.2 is ready!
  • Windows Vista compatibility improved
  • Several scene naming templates added
  • Several user interface design changes
  • "Split by VirtualDub.js" plug-in improved
  • "Split by ffmpeg.js" plug-in improved
Today I release new useful utility - Flash Guard.
It really can protect your system from any virus which spreads on USB flash drives and uses Autorun technology for infection.
Application is freeware.
Infrequent PSQ generation bug fixed in new HandySaw DS
HandySaw DS ready. WMV processing bug fixed.
HandySaw DS uploaded. Some bugs was fixed, some improvements was made and ffmpeg.Cutter.js plug-in was included.
There is new plug-in for HandySaw DS - ffmpeg.Cutter.js. You may get it in downloads section.
Plug-in uses ffmpeg.exe (http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/) utility to save each scene from source file into separate file of same format.
This plug-in does not recompress of video and audio and supports many file formats.
New build (143) of HandySaw was uploaded. Several minor bugs were fixed and MPGTX.MPEG.Cutter.js plug-in was included in installation.
MPGTX.MPEG.Cutter.js plug-in for HandySaw DS was created and you may get it in downloads section.
Plug-in uses mpgtx.exe (http://mpgtx.sourceforge.net) utility to save each scene from MPEG file into separate MPEG file.
HandySaw DS 4.1 is ready!
  • Now plug-ins can have adjustable by user parameters
  • Thumbnails retrieving routines rewritten
  • Some core routines rewritten
Davis Software made a distribution contract for Korean market, CeresInfo at 3rd Jan, 2006.
Korean broadcasting market is rocketing over last 5 years from SD to HD and it's well known as Test Bed for the new technology in broadcasting. CeresInfo is one of the leading Broadcasting system integrator in Korean market over 5 years.
This new partnership between two companies will help HandySaw can be going with the new technologies needed for fastly changing broadcasting market.
Contact information
Sung-Wook Hwang
Minor update of HandySaw DS. Now 4.01 version is ready!
  • Saving of each scene of a WMV file in separate WMV a file without recompression is added
  • You can choose how many thumbnails per scene Manual Trimmer shows in scenes list
  • Several bugs was fixed
  • Bugs tracking system is added

Read HandySaw DS description
Download and try it!
New version of automatic optical scenes detection tool - HandySaw DS 4 is released! Many improvements and new features!
Look here for details
As you already know HandySaw DS 3.21 can generate Vegas 4 EDL files.
But new Vegas 5 cannot open these files. They slightly changed format of EDL file.
In next version HandySaw will be able to create Vegas 5 EDL too but now you may use
my new little tool - Vegas 4 To 5 EDL Converter!
New changes in HandySaw DS!
Differences in HandySaw DS 3.21:
  • The new type of result - Vegas EDL is added
  • If video contains the information on time of shooting it is displayed in Manual Trimmer
  • In the processing log-file the method of scenes detection for each processed file is displayed
  • The bug, resulting to that sometimes video was recognized optically even if there was an information on time of shooting in the file, is corrected

Read HandySaw description here
Download and try it!
Next version of HandySaw DS is ready!
New features and changes in HandySaw DS 3.2:

The report generator - Clip Sheet is added

Now you can print out the information on the videofile: splitting into scenes, frames of video, names of scenes, various time info (a clip, the scene, a tape), time of shooting, the comments. Instead of output to the printer it is possible to save the report in BMP files sequence.

The mechanism of optical redetection of scenes is added

After video have been optically scanned once, you can start scenes redetection, changing value Threshold and instantly estimating result!

Scene naming templates are added

Now you define, what names will be given to the retrieved scenes. At your service a wide range of variables which can be included in Scene naming templates.

Possibility to process video of the Windows Media format

Now nothing prevents to recognize scenes in files of WMV format.

The format of HSQ files is changed - now version 2

The format of HSQ files is changed up to version 2 to have possibility to store the information on optical scanning of video. HSQ V1 can be read by HandySaw DS 3.2.

Possibility to speed up optical recognition of files of some formats at the expense of usage of video of the reduced quality is added

Now for videofiles with MS DV Video Decompressor or Morgan Multimedia MJPG Decompressor codecs it is possible to increase speed of optical scanning in several times!

Read HandySaw description here
Download and try it!
HandySaw DS PSQ Combiner is released!
This tool can combine several PSQ files generated by HandySaw DS into one PSQ.
HandySaw DS 3.1 is released!
The algorithm of ignoring of flashlights is added.
Search of scenes on recording-time was added:
In DV (and based on DV - DVCAM, DVCPRO...) videofiles HandySaw DS tries to find data of the shooting time of each frame of video and, in case of good luck, uses this information for detection of scenes. Processing speed considerably increases. Accuracy of recognition in this case - 100%.
HandySaw DS 3 is released! 
Now you can verify automatic scene detection and do manual corrections before saving result using new Manual Trimmer!
Several new output formats were added. Now you may import scenes into Adobe Premiere Pro!
Read program description here.
I'm back here
I'll be on vacation till September.
New version of FitCloser - V1.2
Now works in russian Windows.
New version of Virtual Dub Job Generator - V1.1
Funny bug was fixed. Also a new - 2.02 version of the automatic optical video scenes detection program - Handy Saw DS.
Two bugs in AVI copying mechanism were fixed.
Please download it here.
New version of XLS2PSQ Converter - V1.2
Small bug was fixed
  Long-awaited news!  
I with pleasure present to you completely new version of the automatic optical video scenes detection program - Handy Saw DS 2!
It is much more accurate, faster and more powerful than its progenitrix Handy Saw 1.2.
Download and test it.
I wait for your impressions by e-mail and at the forum. Attention! Registered users who have changed e-mail address, please inform me the new one to receive a keyfile for HSDS2.
New utility for video editor - mtxodml Switcher. It can easily convert Matrox AVI files into OpenDML format!
Welcome to my forum! I really need your feedback
New version of XLS2PSQ Converter - V1.1
Detection of One-To-Many references was added
Site was redesigned again
Now looks better, I guess
Now there is possibility to purchase Handy Saw online!
No bank transfers, no headache!
Site was totally redesigned and opened
Forum will be ready soon
Good news!
Since today I have a site www.davisr.com
I'm back here
I'll be in vacation from August 6 till September 6.
Site was moved www.tv5.zp.ua/handysaw. "Thanx" to XOOM/NBCI
New version is ready - V1.2b
The structure of created .PBL file was considerably perfected. Now project, created with the HandySaw use, can be trimmed (Utilites/Project Trimmer).
The correct recognition of any values of "Frames Per Second" of a source video was added.
The possibility to discard adjusted quantity of last frames of each scene was added.
The indexing of the scenes now is carried on in decimal format instead of in hexadecimal.
Generated .PLB files are compatible with Adobe Premiere 6 now. It is recommended to import them to the project via File\Import\File.
I'm back here
I'll be in vacation from August 21 till September 6.
New version - V1.1 beta 2
Small bug in V1.1b of audio disappearing during long source splitting was fixed.
New version - V1.1 beta
The opportunity to save each found scene in separate AVI file was added. Now HandySaw can be used with any videoediting system, not only Adobe Premiere 5.*
New version of demo - V1.0b3
NTSC support was added.